Teaching English in China So Far

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Learn Chinese How Much

I can’t say too much about teaching English in China right now because I haven’t gotten my own classes yet. I do mostly observations right now. I have taught a few classes, though. And from those, I can tell it’s going to be fun and that I shouldn’t suck at it too bad once I get used to the students and how things run.

The teachers, both English and Chinese, are great to work with. The kids are absolutely hysterical, so it’s a bit difficult for it to get boring. Then there are some that just won’t calm down. Because of them, I know that my biggest issue is keeping the class under control sometimes. Oops.

EF Center

Here’s a quick rundown on how teaching English in China pretty much works . . . at least here with Wuhan’s EF Center.

Most of the students are between the ages of three and ten. Between these ages are different English-speaking levels. Class size usually doesn’t exceed 14 students. For the younger ones who can’t speak much English, it’s a lot of learning vocabulary and dramatic motions to get them understanding what you’re trying to say. And a lot of games and moving around to keep them entertained. There is also a local teacher in the classroom to help give instructions and keep the students under control if need be.



There are a few advanced classes with a handful of students who are working on conversational English and grammar. One of those classes will be mine in a few weeks, so I should probably brush up on the grammar portion. (I had no idea there were 12 tenses until just a few months ago!)

ef english first

Because the students still need to attend their public school, their English courses with EF English First aren’t until the weekday evenings and the weekend. What that means is that it’s perfect. Anybody who knows me know I HATE mornings.

More details on teaching English in China to come once I get my own classes.

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