Driving in China Video – GoPro Footage

There are no rules when it comes to driving in China, except for one. Get to your destination by any means necessary. If that means driving on the opposite side of the street, cutting somebody off, or getting on the sidewalk, so be it.

As terrible as it sounds, after a while of living or traveling in China, you grow accustomed to nearly dying every day. Driving in China or even taking a walk here won’t be peaceful unless you’re in a park or on an abandoned road. You can probably imagine how often I come across empty streets here. Not very often. But that’s just one of the few things that make living in China so exciting!

Watch the video above, recorded using a GoPro Hero 3 strapped to my chest.

The Future of Driving?

Imagine what the roads will be like in China when self-driving cars finally become the norm. The technology is quickly advancing thanks to companies like Tesla and Google. Right now, they can detect other vehicles, the lines on the road, pedestrians, and go about 25 miles per hour. I can’t even imagine a bunch of self-driving cars in China with the hectic traffic I see every day. To me, it seems there would be a sensory overload and the system would just shut down or something.

Self-driving vehicles should probably not be a thing, honestly. Especially after hearing about the recent crashes involving them. Just in Beijing, a Tesla car didn’t sense a parked car on the side of the highway but still sticking out onto the road. The Tesla car crashed into it, and that was on the highway. The traffic in a Chinese city is a lot worse. The sensors would definitely be pushed to their limits.

Anyway, back to the video. What do you think, would you be good at driving in China?

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