Where Are The Best Beaches in Thailand? Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island – The Best Beaches in Thailand

The best beaches in Thailand - Koh Phi Phi Travel

Koh Phi Phi, a small island a couple of hours away from Phuket Town, has the best beaches in Thailand, by far. They are absolutely beautiful, the sand is bright white, and the water is so clear that in some spots you can be standing neck deep and still see your feet. There are jungles and karst mountains in the middle that make for great hiking and spectacular views of the entire island. At the top, surrounded by mountains, you realize that you’re truly in the middle of nowhere. And it’s awesome.

How To Pronounce Koh Phi Phi.

The best beaches in Thailand - Koh Phi Phi Travel

First, let’s get the pronunciation right.  A good rule of thumb is to pretend the ‘h’ isn’t even there in many Thai words. So Phi Phi doesn’t have an ‘f’ sound. It’s Pee Pee Island. Yeah, yeah, I know. Go ahead and get it out of your system if you need to.

How To Get To Phi Phi Island

This is a tiny island, so the only way to get there is via ferry. So if you’re prone to seasickness, be prepared, especially if the waters are rough.

From Phuket

Because Phuket is an extremely popular island and a huge gateway to island hopping in Thailand, there is an international airport up north. The pier where you’ll find the ferries is located at the southern point near Phuket Town. You can buy tickets here, but I would stay away from getting return tickets. I noticed that it actually turns out to be a bit cheaper if you just buy your return ticket on Phi Phi Island. The ferry ride is around 500 baht and lasts for an hour and a half. Whatever you do, don’t sit next to the window. Those seats have less room, and the wall makes things awkward for your shoulder.

From Krabi, Koh Lanta, etc.

If you’re on the other side of Koh Phi Phi, it’s the same deal. Catch a ferry from Koh Lanta or Krabi to Phi Phi Island for about 350 baht. There’s also an airport in Krabi, so it may be the perfect beginning to your island hopping adventure (end in Phuket) or a great ending.

The Best Beaches in Thailand

Koh Phi Phi really does have the best beaches in Thailand, and it’s usually pretty easy to get to all of them, some even without a taxi boat if you don’t mind jungle trekking. A lot of people will go to Ton Sai Bay or Loh Dalam Bay, the two beaches you normally see when you first arrive on the island. Here, you’re going to find a ton of hotels, restaurants, bars, beach parties, and even unbelievable fire shows that make your head spin in amazement. But they’re not your go-to beaches. Not even close.

The best beaches in Thailand - Koh Phi Phi Travel

Monkey Beach is one of the prettiest places on the island, and a lot of people get up early just to see it before the crowds come in. And of course, there are monkeys that are pretty vicious. You can take a taxi boat or rent a canoe from Dalam Bay. You can’t walk there though because it’s pretty much protected by massive cliffs.

Rantee Beach and Loh Mood Dee Bay

Rantee Beach and Loh Mood Dee Bay are the best beaches in Thailand, perfect for just relaxing and enjoying the water and the sun. Of course, this is my opinion, and I’ve not been to every single beach in Thailand. But when you’re standing shoulder deep in Loh Mood Dee Bay and can still look down and see colorful fish swimming around your feet, it’s difficult to even imagine that a beach can get more beautiful than that.

On this side of Koh Phi Phi, the sand is white and fine, so fine that you won’t be able to stop digging your hands and feet in it. Even the sand in the water is without a single pebble and has extraordinary sand waves that are quite similar to what you would see in the desert. The best part about Rantee beach and Loh Mood Dee Bay is that there aren’t many people. Those who are at the beaches are laid back and quiet, tanning, snorkeling, or reading. The bay isn’t full of endless boats either. It’s the perfect place for snorkeling, and with the walking trails, both Loh Mood Dee Bay and Rantee Beach are easy to reach.


Loh Mood Dee Bay is surrounded by more palm trees than other parts, making it the perfect place to get brochure-worthy pictures and videos. As you get toward Rantee and Phak Nam Beach, you’ll see a lot more rocks and boulders, which can be cool for snorkeling as is more unique-looking compared to the surrounding beaches.

There are a ton of other beaches on Koh Phi Phi, such as Long Beach and some further north that are best reachable via a taxi boat. Of all the islands I’ve been to in Thailand, these beaches have to be the best beaches in Thailand so far. Believe me, you’re not going to want to leave.

Don’t forget to pick up your snorkeling gear!

What do you think, does Phi Phi Island have the best beaches in Thailand? Or do you know of somewhere even more amazing? Let everybody know below!

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