Explore Cameron Highlands, Malaysia In This DJI Phantom Drone Video

It’s time to explore Cameron Highlands, Malaysia in this DJI Phantom drone video and be mesmerized by the stunning tea plantations and jungles.

The surrounding Southeast Asian countries kind of steal all of the glory from Malaysia, and it’s a bit unfortunate because this country is awesome. The food is great, the people are the friendliest I’ve encountered in all of Asia, and it’s just absolutely beautiful.

Unfortunate for me, I had to cut my time in Malaysia a bit short due to some weather in the forecast. But I at least made it to Cameron Highlands, and wow am I glad I did.

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia is about a four-hour bus ride from Kaula Lumpur (You can book a seat on easybook), and it’s a very small town. There aren’t a ton of hotels to choose from, but to me, that means you’re away from major tourist crowds. But don’t get me wrong, you’re still going to find tourists all in Cameron.


dji phantom drone videos cameron highlands jungle

I already mentioned in my Kuala Lumpur post that people in this country are extremely friendly. I had a pretty tough time looking for my Cameron Highlands homestay. Several people approached me asking if I needed help. I didn’t even have to ask! They tried to help me but were unable to. Thankfully, the homestay owner had been at his house watching me walk back and forth and assumed I was the American he was waiting for. So he drove all around the small town looking for me. He found me in a random parking lot and gave a lift and some water once we arrived.

Cameron Highlands really is an amazing place to travel to if you’re backpacking Southeast Asia. A lot of people tend to stick to Thailand and Vietnam, forgetting Malaysia. It’s a huge mistake, one I’m glad I never made.

Check out the Malaysia DJI drone video of Cameron Highlands above!

Have anything to share? Leave a comment below! You can also check out another DJI Phantom drone video of Vietnam here!

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