The Project

Breaking La Barrier isn’t just about traveling. It’s about truly experiencing, learning, and understanding a different culture, its people, and its traditions. Deep, huh? There are 7 billion people living on the same planet, and yet, barriers prevent us from communicating with one another.

In January, I traveled to China to begin my project. Here, I teach English as a second language, having only one option: Adapt to a new way of life full of unique traditions.


Travel to China - Travel Blog - Teach English in ChinaCake, right?

Nah. I’m the worst at learning Mandarin, and very little of the Chinese population speaks English.

So Breaking la Barrier is a project to see how I adapt to a culture completely different from my own.  How will I get around? How will I communicate? More importantly, how am I going to order food!?

That’s for me to figure out. And it’ll all be documented here on my travel blog.

Travel to China - Travel Blog - Yangshuo, China

Join me as I break a barrier in order to learn and understand a new part of the world. Are we more similar than different? Are any of the stereotypes true?

China is just the beginning.

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